Profhilo & Hyall 2000 Course

Level: Advanced
Price: £600
Duration of Course: 1 Day
CPD Hours: 8
Practical experience: 6 hours with live patients

What this Online (Home-study) course covers

  • Hyaluronic acid.
  • NAHYCO technology.
  • Why is hybrid a better mode of action?
  • Bio remodelling and patient benefits.
  • Contraindications and precautions.
  • Treatment protocol.
  • Needle techniques.
  • Online Video Tutorial Step by Step guide.
  • Profhilo Explained
  • Risks & Side Effects
  • Contraindications
  • Profhilo Technology
  • The BAP Technique
  • Profhilo Neck
  • Injection Techniques
  • Protocol
  • Profhilo Video (Step by step guide)
  • Profhilo Aftercare
  • Profhilo hints & tips

Course overview:

HA is hydrophilic, meaning it draws and holds water from your body, so Profhilo acts as a hydrator rather than a filler. This makes it fantastic for those with tired, dull-looking skin, transforming it into a firm and luminous skin. This effect takes place within 3-5 days of treatment.

Over the next few weeks, collagen and elastin production is stimulated, producing a secondary skin tightening effect. This is useful because levels of collagen, elastin and Hyaluronic Acid in the skin rapidly drop from age 30, resulting in signs of ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles and lacklustre skin. Profhilo acts to reverse some of these changes. The maximum effect of Profhilo is usually seen two months after the second treatment. Treatment with Profhilo improves skin tone, texture, hydration and overall radiance. In addition, it can help to increase firmness and elasticity and promote healthier and softer-looking skin. Profhilo is most commonly used for facial areas but can also rejuvenate the neck, décolleté, arms, knees and hands. Profhilo is injected just below the skin’s surface over two sessions four weeks apart. After injection, it disperses quickly beneath the skin to improve hydration without needing a massage or the risk of leaving lumps or nodules. Profhilo is absorbed within a 2cm radius of its injection site, so only ten injection points are needed to treat the face.

A single course of Profhilo involves two injectable treatments four weeks apart, after which you can expect intense hydration. It makes the skin glow, fine lines can disappear, and you’ll notice smoother tighter skin. Courses of two treatments can be repeated every six months to maintain the results.

Study from the comfort and convenience of home with an experienced course tutor on-hand to help by email. Ideal for those who wish to learn treatments for personal interest or to provide pampering to friends, family and paying clients.

Note: no case studies are required for this course, so you will not need access to the machines/products at home to learn and complete this course. However, if you wish to practice and submit evidence of a couple of practice treatments, our team will be happy to provide feedback.

IPHM Accredited Course. Recognised & Insurable through:

Who accredits the Online Courses?

Most of our online courses are accredited by IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine). In addition, all are accepted by leading insurers, including The CPD Group, PolicyBee and many others. Accreditation means the certificate you receive is recognised within the beauty industry and will allow you to gain insurance to work from home or mobile.

Who are online courses best suited to?

Online courses are ideal for anyone of any age, gender or background who wishes to learn a new skill from the comfort and convenience of home. Our Online courses are suitable for complete beginners, and no previous knowledge of beauty is required as the courses cover all aspects of the treatment process, including health & safety, consultation and client care to enable you to perform treatments to industry standard.

The Online courses are designed to work seamlessly with PCs, laptops and most mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones, or can be printed so you can study at your peace, wherever you may be. Easy-to-follow online study materials are provided along with video tutorials filmed by professional therapists making learning engaging and straightforward. You will achieve your certificate accredited by The CPD Group, recognising your learning and achievement. In addition, you can gain insurance to work from home or mobile to deliver your treatments.

Free access is available by email to our in-house expert Support team throughout your studies and beyond.

How long will I have to complete an Online Course?

There are NO TIME LIMITS – study at your own pace, work as slowly or quickly as you need through the learning resources and practice your treatments to ensure you feel fully confident. This can be extended as required; drop us an email and let us know how you’re progressing. In addition, you have access to our in-house Support team by email or telephone throughout your studies and beyond. Most students complete their Online courses within a few weeks; however, work through them at your own pace and enjoy your learning without pressure.

Please note: Once your certificate has been issued, all work submitted will be destroyed. We do not keep students’ portfolios for Online courses.

What do I need to do to complete an Online course?

You will be sent an email with the course manual as soon as your bookings are processed. After that, you will work through the comprehensive study materials at your pace. You will need to complete a small number of treatments at home with friends or family and submit evidence of these treatments to complete your course. This is approximately 1-6 treatments depending on the system, although we recommend you complete as many treatments as you need to build your confidence before submitting your practical assignment. You will need essential products and tools at home to complete these treatments. Once all terms are complete, you will receive your certificate by email.

How can I book my online course?

Booking online courses through our website is quick, easy, and secure. Once we have processed your booking, you will receive a confirmation email providing the course manual.

Can I attend any face-to-face training?

Face-to-face training is not required to achieve the certificate or to obtain insurance through our scheme. Our Online courses are comprehensive and ensure you will learn best practices and acquire the skills necessary to deliver treatments to an industry standard. You are fully supported to achieve the certificate through distance learning only. However, if at any time during your studies or within 12 weeks following completion of your online course, you feel you would benefit from attending some face-to-face training*, we are happy to arrange this for £150 per day required. Subject to availability, training sessions run across our training centres with attendance from 10.00 am – 04.00 pm and would be provided on set dates from our training schedule(s).

*This option is only available for selected courses. We do not offer a face-to-face opportunity for all online courses. Others are provided only at selected centres. If face-to-face training is an option you are considering, please get in touch with our team to discuss this before enrolling for an Online course to ensure you begin the best training route for you.

Course Benefits

PROFHILO is progressively an extremely popular treatment to improve the skin’s texture, form better skin tone, treat skin laxity, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment can be performed on all ages over 18 and has multiple benefits for all age groups.

PROFHILO counteracts skin laxity in the face by remodelling the collagen and elastin fibres of the dermal matrix. Clients can expect increased firmness, elasticity and widespread improved quality of the skin, which can continue to improve for 8 weeks.

What are the advantages of an online course?

  • You can study online anytime or anywhere using most mobile devices
  • You can look at your own pace around other commitments you may have, such as childcare or long working hours
  • Ideal for those who do not live local to one of our ten training centres
  • Ideal for those who would prefer to study over a longer duration, at their own pace, with time to reflect and revisit any aspects as they prefer
  • Online courses can be studied either instead of attending our face-to-face intensive training courses or in addition to face-to-face training courses as additional learning support
  • Option to arrange a face-to-face training session at our training centre is available for £150 per day for those who feel they would benefit from further tuition, guidance and feedback in person from a professional tutor (selected courses only, subject to availability)
  • After completing our Online courses, you can gain insurance to work from home or mobile. Learn more here about insurance schemes for Online courses

Course entry requirements

Our online courses are suitable for complete beginners and do not require any prior learning to be able to train with us; many of our students are not yet beauty trained and are looking to start up a business in the industry. We welcome students of all abilities, whether you are looking to learn a new skill from scratch or currently working as a therapist and looking to refresh your knowledge of particular treatments.

What qualification will you receive?

When you have completed your training course(s), you will receive a certificate issued by Gabrielle Aesthetics Beauty & Academy recognising your achievement on the Online course. These are great to support applications for further training courses, entering employment or may be considered CPD for existing therapists.

What will your career opportunities be?

The online courses are an excellent starting point for those who have a passion for beauty and wish to learn new skills. Completing the online courses will equip you with the essential knowledge and skills to provide pampering on yourself, friends, family and paying clients.

Why choose Gabrielle Aesthetics Beauty Academy?

Our online courses have been designed following over five years of experience delivering private beauty training. As a result, we understand the requirements of our students and online courses are provided in an easy-to-follow way, accessible on your computer or mobile device.

Comprehensive course manuals written to the highest industry standards and video tutorials produced by professional tutors allow you to develop the required knowledge and skills to be successful in beauty.

Our in-house Support team is available throughout your studies and beyond.

Ways to Pay:
Payment in Full – Securely by telephone using a Debit / Credit Card or Online using PayPal / WorldPay

By making payment in full, you can secure your course place and enjoy the most excellent flexibility to book all of your training days at your preferred training centre in the best way to suit you – whether that’s as a consecutive block (subject to availability) or taken at your own pace. Book securely online 24/7, or call our friendly Advisors by the book by phone.

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